As a Web Director for a large toy company for over 6 years I have overseen the creation and updates of several large web sites using staff that I hired and managed. I was also involved in the construction of these sites including: art direction, design, sound, voice over, photography, video editing, animation, copy writing, marketing, best practices, contests, and customer service. These sites were built from the ground up and maintained by my team. Now i bring this same professionalism, cost consciousness and a drive to create unique web sites to YOU! Take a look below...

Tech Deck - Product Site, online community and online shop (partially online) +10 million hits/month - Online shop with gross revenue of .4 million a year. I was project manager and web director for this site, this was a very large undertaking. The company owners were completely non-tech savvy so i created proposals for review, picked the technologies we used, choose 3ird party vendors, eventually created a web department, hired staff, worked with designers, programmers, art directed, worked with sales and marketing to create content, contests etc. Now the site boasts over 40,000 members all interested in the Tech Deck product line!

Tech Deck Dudes! - Product site, online community
+10 million hits/month. I was project manager and web director for this site. I oversaw staff in its conception and creation through completion and subsequent updates. This site was highly successful marketing tool and got amazing feedback from customers, buyers and other web professionals. <

SKUMM - (offline copy) - I was project manager and web director for this site. I was also made brand manager for this toy line because I created a story line and eventually a comic book series. I was directly involved with all aspects of content creation and design often working directly with our flash programmer in making the content, copy, and multimedia aspects as well as working with subcontactors for creation of the toy line and every other aspect of production of both the action figures, the comic book and the website. I also attended trade shows and the international toy fair to help market the product.

Modifiers Cars - (offline copy) Product site, Online community. I was project manager and web director for this site. This was a very successful site and created a huge fan base for the line. A very dedicated online community formed around this product with many thousands of users and the forum was highly trafficed and a great source for marketing information and research.


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